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ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 LGA 1151 Motherboards H110M-K




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It's ASUS what more often than not implies great quality. Introduce and works genuinely simple from the earliest starting point with W10 and Linux. I dont like the UEFI/BIOS interface I discovered it a bit of befuddling, however is granted as one of the best!, I truly favor the one in my old Asrock H61 I thought that it was more natural. In any case, this is only my taste. In the event that you are going to introduce Linux or W10 is truly simple exceptionally with Linux, full framework working from unloading to boot in under 20 minutes, But It's not as neighborly as you would suppose you are going to introduce W7. It's an agony on the off chance that you are attempting from a CD/DVD, you have to duplicate to a USB thumb drive and go from that point, and you need to burrow a little to get the how to accomplish for that. Perhaps is not ASUS blame but rather MS/Intel attempting to compel W10 deals.

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